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OH LORDIE! This is some 5 star butt fucking action if you've ever seen it. This girl is actually very new to butt fucking but you'd never know by the sounds of it. This ass gets real relaxed. Hehehehe Gail has some really nice jiggly good time thunder buns on her, too. Some of the spread shots on this freak will make your fucking eye balls bulge out like some kind of fucking cartoon looking mother fucker in a Bugs Bunny cartoon or some shit. Hehehehehe Big wide delicous ass on this freak, no joke. Anyway Gail is 35 years old about 210 pounds. ( I can't remember right now how tall she was without backing up through the tape, but I believe like 5'5 or so.) She's one of those size queen types that can't get enough dick in her ole hockey box, so we stuff that beaver so full she couldn't possibly hold back any orgasms. After all kind of wacky pussy stunts we move on to her A-HOLE and that's when it really gets interesting. Let's just say that this flick really is action packed. This girl really wanted to impress ya'll. Hehehehe THere are superb pussy, ass and titty shots all through this thing. I know you cats are gonna like this freak. After all the ass fucking antic are winding down a little we pick up the pace and pull off the longest anal cream pie ever. ( No joke this nut was about 30 seconds long busting in that ass. Hehehehe. Horses would be envious. You guys will dig this flick. :-) Butt Fucking at it's finest. I love this chic.
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