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It's here!!! Fucking finally!!! The first time ever and exclusively on CzechCasting!!! A GENUINE VIRGIN!!!! 18 years old Natalia kept her virginity for so long only to be deflowered on our white couch!!! Right now, in front of your very eyes, she will become a woman!!! This is no fake, this is no bullshit, we were as surprised as you are now!!! Check out the video and see for yourself. This slim student kept her virginity for 18 years, only to give it to a man she knew for a couple minutes!!! Unbelievable deflowering of a Czech girl! This is FUCKING REALITY! Tell everybody you know, because you don't meet a fucking virgin too often!!!
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3 months ago

at wtf, who of us didnt have a virgin? to say that this girl isnt a virgin is retarded, look at the way the dick goes in and later the blood that drops out, do you think this is cuase she is on her period or what? grow up before you start talking


6 months ago

You all know its fake right? I am guesisng none of you ever had a virgin.

just saying
just saying

8 months ago Europe kids do know all about birth control. At the age of 11-13 every single child learns all about sexuality, they know all types of birth control, they know how to use it (yes, every kid has to put a condom over a dildo and knows exactly how to use a diaphragm for example). She knew she could get pregnant from his pre cum. This porn caster was simply fucking with her for the business. She did good to stop and she knew she could get pregnant from his pre-cum already.
I'm sure she would have been better off with a boy she was in love with than this caster she didn't mean anything for.


11 months ago

to " wow ": so, let's play this the way the 99.9999 % do it. The experiments with boys her own age and loses her virginity for free from a local boy who does know how to treat girls, let alone, fuck them. And she is disappointed and so on. A month later she finds out she is pregnaunt, because they kid did not make sure she was on birth control, in fact, the kid has no idea what the forms of birth control are and so on. So we have another single mom in the community and a boy who will be paying child support and interest on the child support, and be in poverty most of his life, and so on.... yeah man getting paid to lose your virginity by an older man who is tested all the time for STD's is worse .... yeah man... bust the bubble you live in or and stop watching porn.


1 year ago

She decided to loose her virginity in porn casting. The whole world to see for free... Two months later she will be late on her period. She will discover that she got pregnant from a strangers pre-cum. Then her gynecology will tell her she has STDs too, maybe AIDS too... Well done!