In The Crack - E1413 Gia Vendetti

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Gia Dunno – Gia has the look and act of a seasoned strip tease dancer. At first glance she may seem a little rough around the edges but she will definitely grow on you the longer you watch her. Her one piece lingerie was selected to match the environs but she really starts to look good after she unsnaps her crotch. She Inked what she used to be – Now all naked but for the shoes Gia slinks around on the bed like a strip dancer on a stage. She’s got the moves and keeps the motion going most of the time. In spite of the motion she is always just slow enough to always allow a decent view of her pussy and ass and sometimes pauses to invite a more detailed inspection. Gia Pet – Gia has a little warm up pussy rub before the main action of the following clip. She lies on her front with her legs open through most of this giving a decent view up her ass while she masturbates. There is no orgasm in this but there is some pretty nice ass humping motion as she grinds her pussy against her fingers. Green and Bury it – Gia progresses to a big emerald green rubber vibrating dildo and it slips effortlessly into her pussy. While lying on her back she looks fantastic with her knees pulled all the way back to her chest getting her ass and pussy bulging out in the foreground. There’s a bit of bend over pussy fucking too and some ass wagging with the toy lodged in her pussy hands free. She ends up on her back to work up to a climax. An actual orgasm was looking doubtful for a while but she does warm up to it and there’s visible contractions suggesting that this is real. Pornstars: Gia Vendetti
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