[Taboo-Fantasy.com] The Rylan Rhodes Family Album 2

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5 months ago 11 485 14min 11sec
HORNY BERRIES WHEN DAD AND RICKY RECEIVE A SHIPMENT OF HORNY BERRIES... MOM ACCIDENTALLY EATS A MASSIVE OVERDOSE OF THE POTENT APHRODISIACS!!! MOM GETS SPIT-ROASTED BY DAD AND RICKY!!! Dad is all excited!!! He ordered these "Horny Berries" online...and they have arrived!! These powerful Berries are the most potent aphrodisiac on the entire Planet!! Dad calls his Son Ricky in, and tells Ricky all about the magic Berries. They read the instructions, and determine that 1/16th of one Berry....a sliver, essentially....is a "mega" dose. Dad slices off one mega dose, and Ricky decides to try it out on a girl from school. When both guys leave the room for a moment....Mom comes home....sees the Berries....and starts to pig out on them!!! Mom eats Berry after Berry...before the guys stop her!!! Mom, of course, gets so Horny she can't stand it!!! Mom immediately goes for their cocks and starts sucking. Dad and Ricky fuck the stuffing out of Mom!!! Even when Mom has Ricky's cum in her mouth...and Dad's cum in her pussy...she is still Horny!!! Mom tells the guys that she is gonna fuck the Landscapers......and Dad tells Ricky to call his buddies from the football team....it's gonna be a long night!!!
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