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Sweetie… I know things have been hard but I need you to be nice to your little brother. He looks up to you and he doesn’t understand everything that’s going on. Can you do that for me? You’re so good baby, I know you will. You’re so strong… I couldn’t have left your father if I didn’t have you to help me. We have to look after each other now, you’re the man of the house. Shh!! Hahah don’t say that. I don’t have a favourite son, you’re so bad! Haha Alright honey…well I guess I should go to bed. It’s my first night all alone… I hope I don’t get too lonely. Now that your mom has left your dad, it’s up to you to look after her and your little brother. You’re ready to take on all responsibilities as the man of the house. Including… fucking hell out of your lonely mom.
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