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1 +1 -1 ThickDickNucca 1 month ago

«Why are you guys saying this an anti black man site? LOL. They do black women on this site..over 10 to be exact (Kecia is the GOAT) but i would like to assume they had us brothas in mind when they get the black milfs»

0 +1 -1 AGBERTUS 2 months ago


5 +1 -1 [email protected] 2 months ago

«What Her name?»

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12 +1 -1 Do your research 5 months ago

«There are only 2 male performers on the site»

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12 +1 -1 Who cares? 5 months ago

«Site is anti-black men, huh? Funny...plenty of sites out there feature just black guys doing white girls and others....but you see no white guys in those scenes. Guess those sites are anti-white.»

-28 +1 -1 Azzbreaker 6 months ago

«Btw, I checked all 113 scenes as I mentioned before and black dudes great NO love on that site.:wassat:»

-30 +1 -1 Azzbreaker 6 months ago

«As I said before, this site is Anti black men! Went to their site and seen all nationalities of women but all of the male performers were white dudes! SMH!!!:pouty::pouty::pouty:»